IDPK Season Ticket

IDPK offers a possibility to use a personalized season ticket to travel with all carriers integrated in IDPK.

Season Ticket

  • is a transfer ticket activated on The Pilsen Card or on mobil application Virtuální karta 
  • has set time validity (number of days) and tariff zones validity

There are three types of season tickets:

  • basic season ticket
  • reduced season ticket
  • concenssionary season ticket

Seasons tickets are divided according to the time validity:

  • open tariff (1 – 365 days) – this season ticket is valid for 1 day up to 365 days from requested date
  • annual fare (365 days) – this season ticket is valid for 365 days from requested date

IDPK territory

IDPK territory is divided into tariff zones. Tariff conditions (prices and discounts) differ in tariff zone 001 Plzeň and in outer tariff zones (021 – 153).

Find out whitch tariff zones you need

IDPK season ticket prices

The price of the season ticket is calculated by:

  • prices of all tariff zones you want to buy your ticket for. If you want to buy ticket for more than 7 tariff zones, you will recieve a rover ticket valid in all IDPK  tariff zones.
  • chosen time validity
  • entitlement to discount

Price lists

Where do I buy IDPK season ticket?

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