Travelling by train

Oversized luggage

Transporting bicycles as oversized luggage is permitted on trains marked in the timetable with the “bicycle” symbol. These trains contain carriages with special spaces for transporting bicycles. These train carriages are marked with the same symbol. It is your responsibility to oversee your bike during the ride.

Transport of bikes is also allowed on regional (Os), regional fast (Sp), fast (R) in the entry areas of the first and last doors of the train, where a maximum of two bicycles may be transported at the same time, unless this is excluded for technological or safety reasons.

In all cases, however, the transport of bicycles as oversized luggage is possible only until the capacity of spaces on the train has been exhausted, and the final decision on whether it is or is not possible to accept another bicycle for transport (and where) is at the sole discretion of the conductor of the train in question.

Under no circumstances can bicycles be transported on trains which are marked in the timetable with the symbol of a crossed-out bicycle.

Tandem and multiple-seat bicycles may not be transported as oversized luggage.

Transporting bicycles using the luggage storage during transport service

The luggage storage during transport service is provided on ČD trains marked in the timetable with the symbol of a suitcase (or the symbol of a suitcase in a circle or frame). The suitcase symbol can also be found on the service carriage or compartment where bicycles or other items can be stored in this manner.

Buy a ticket for your bicycle in mobile app Virtuální karta. With this ticket you can travel in all trains in the Pilsen Region that allow transporting bikes as oversized luggage.

Find more abbout transporting bikes in trains here.

Time Prices
240 min CZK 20
24 hours CZK 40

Download mobile app Virtuální karta and register. Then you can immediately start purchasing single tickets. The payment is made via Apple Pay or on-line via your bank card. From mid-April 2023 bit will be possible to pay via GooglePay.


transport of oversized luggage, especially bicycles (until full capacity)
transport of oversized luggage with optional reservation of a space for a bicycle and a seat for the passenger (only a space for the bicycle is available on certain trains) until the train’s capacity of spaces is exhausted; thereafter only with the conductor’s approval
transport of oversized luggage, especially bicycles, reservations required for bicycles and for passengers with bicycles
luggage storage during transport (until full capacity)
luggage storage during transport, reservations possible for bicycles
luggage storage during transport, reservations required for bicycles
bycicles as oversized luggage not allowed

ČD bike rentals

České dráhy also offers bicycle rental or free storage at some stations. ČD Bike services can be found in the link here in the Pilsen Region section. 

Of course, it is also possible to rent a bike at stations outside the Pilsen Region or, on the contrary, return it outside the Pilsen Region. You can find a list of stations throughout the Czech Republic that offer the possibility of renting or returning a bikehere.

You can make a reservation in advance by email or ba phone.

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