Public transport

Public transport in the Pilsen Region is provided by regional trains and regional bus lines. Pilsen Region invests financial resources from its budget to secure the public transport services on its territory. Each year the amount of money spend on the public transport services is increasing. The reason for the financial increase is mainly the global economic development but also regional focus on improving public transport connection and quality of the public transport in the region. Public transport services ordered by Pilsner Region are provided by contractual public transport providers, who receive financial compensation for the provided services under the Treaty of Public Service Obligation.

Travel in the Pilsen Region

Find your connection

Find your connection here.

You can also use mobile app Virtuální karta to search your connection. Once you select your desired connection, you can also buy a ticket through the app. The payment is enabled through online bank card, GooglePay or Apple Pay.

How to travel in Pilsen Region?
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Have you found your connection? Then there are several options for you to buy your ticket:

  • use mobile app Virtuální karta
  • buy your ticket directly from the driver of the bus (all blue buses) - you can pay in cash or by contactless bank card
  • buy your ticket at self-service terminals using contactless bank card (Pilsen Public Transport vehicles)
  • buy your ticket at train station (cash or contactless bank card)
  • buy your ticket from the train conductor (preferably in cash, but it is also possible to use contactless bank card)
  • buy your ticket through e-shop

No matter which way you choose, all purchased tickets are transfer tickets (excpet tickets purchased for a connection up to 10 km) and you can travel freely within the ticket´s zone and time validity with all IDPK carriers and transfer from one to another. When you are purchasing the ticket, state or choose your final destination (within the IDPK) - you will get a ticket for the whole journey (no matter how many transfers there may be) without a need to buy any additional tickets.

Do you travel regularly?

Then you can purchase IDP season ticket for your travels. It will enable you to travel for selected time period (from 1 to 365 days) in selected tariff zones. It is a transfer ticket that allowes you travel with all IDPK carriers. And it will aslo save your money. 

Find more about season ticket here.

Use discounts
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Do not forget to use a discount

  • Children up to 6 years of age are transported free of charge. Second child under 6 years of age is transported for reduced fare for chlidren upr to 15 years of age.
  • Children up to 15 years of ageare entitled for reduced fare for children without the need to prove their age.
  • Children up to 18 years of age are entitled for reduced fare. They must prove their age by presenting a valid ID card/passport (card must include photo, name and surname and date of birth), valid ISIC card or valid student´s card.
  • Students up to 26 years of age must present valid ISIC card or valid student´s card.
  • Seniors over 65 years of age are transported for reduced fare if they present valid ID card/passport (name and surname, photo, date of birth) in outer tariff zones and free of charge in tarif zone 001 Pilsen if they present valid ID card/passport (name and surname, photo, date of birth).

Find more information about discounts here.

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