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POVED Ltd. (Pilsen Public Transport Operator) was founded in May 2010. The company is owned by the city of Pilsen and by the Pilsen Region. POVED Ltd. administers service activities in the field of public transport for the city of Pilsen and for the Pilsen Region. Services of the company can be used by municipalities of Pilsen region.

Pilsen Public Transport Operator
Nerudova 25, 301 00 Plzeň
GPS: 49°44'31.398"N 13°22'5.084"E

IČ: 290 99 846
DIČ: CZ29099846

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Nerudova 25, Plzeň

Organizer of Public Transport in the Pilsen Region and Integrated Transport of the Pilsen Region (IDPK)

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