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Travel in the Pilsen Region with mobile application Virtual card.

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How does it work?

Based on the boarding and exit stops you enter, the application will search for all possible connections within the IDPK and offer you purchase individual fares for selected connection. During the connection search, you can choose between the options of searching for only direct connections or connections with a transfer, select a carrier, choose any departure time and use other functions of the mobile application. When you search for a connection, you will see all the connections you can use while simultaneously using tickets in IDPK tariff.

You can also use Virtual card as a season fare carrier. Season fare for all tarif zones can be purchased directly in the mobil application through mobil application e-shop. Virtual card (However, you cannot have the same season fare activated on Pilsen Card and on Virtual card at the same time). If a purchased season fare (activated on Virtual card) is valid for part of the route you selected, the ticket price will be automatically reduced.

You will now also be able to buy tickets not only for yourself, taking into account your fare discounts activated on Virtual card, but also for other passengers (accompanying passengers). In the case of your fellow passengers, their season fares cannot be taken into account - any passenger who requires season fare to be taken into account must purchase ticktes on the mobile application registered under their account.

New functions

Makes your life easier

This self-service system will allow you to use all the benefits of integrated transport on your mobile phone. In the mobile application, you can purchase season fares, individual tickets, book a bike space in cyclebuses, order a connection on request, search for the current location of PMDP connections and many more functions.

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Purchase of a ticket with delayed validity

When searching for a connection, you can check "Delayed activation" box. You will then purchase an inactive ticket, which you can activate/cancel at will during its validity period (30 days). Once it has been activated, a ticket purchased in this way cannot be cancelled.

In the case of purchasing ticket together with a reservatin for bicycle space or while purchasing a non-transfer ticket, you are not allowed to choose a delayed validity, because these services are directly connected to selected connection.

For parents

In this way, you can purchase multiple tickets for a longer period of time on your child's phone. The child than only activates the purchased tickets when needed without paying for anything himself. Your card is safe.

Ticket cancellation

IDPK tickets purchased through mobil application can be canceled before its time validity starts, or before the ticket is activated.

Order a connection on Request

You can now order a connection on request via the mobile application. So you no longer need to call the IDPK infoline or use the order form on the IDPK website to order a connection on request.

Reservation for bikes

From late April to the end of September selected blue buses transport bicycles. You can now plan a trip, buy a ticket and book a place for your bicycle on the selected route that regularly transports bicycles. After ticking the button for bicycles place reservation and paying for your ticket, the appropriate ticket for your bicycle (including a free space for your bicycle), will automatically be sold to you if there is free capacity for bicycles. Bicycle transport for selected route can be purchased no later than 30 minutes before the bus departure from its first stop.

Non-transfer ticket

It is now possible to purchase a non-transfer ticket through the mobile application. The ticket is automatically offered when you choose a route that is long up to 10 km and provided by single connection. This ticket is designed for short routes, even for those routes that cross a tariff zone border.

How to start using mobil application?

How to start using mobil application?

We have prepared a detailed guide. See how to start traveling more comfortably. step by step.

Download mobil application

Download the Virtual Card mobile application and register yourself. You can start buying individual tickets right away. Payment is made via Apple Pay or online via bank card.



In case you want to buy a long-term fare (i.e. season fare), the mobile application account needs to be personalized. Fill in your personal information and upload a portrait photo (can be taken with a mobile phone). When purchasing a season fare, either through the mobile application or through the e-shop, you have to choose the season fare carrier. Choose the carrier that you always on you. The carrier can then be changed, but remember, it takes an hour for the change to be ready to use.


Verify your account

After regostration you can purchase single non-reduced tickets or portable season fare. If you are entitled to a discounted fare or a free fare, you need to add a new customer profile. In this case, a visit to the PMDP Customer Center (in Pilsen - Denisovo nábřeží 12, Klatovská 12) or a point of sale in the Pilsen region that provides this service is necessary. Here you need to prove your right to the reduced fare (e.g. proof of studies, ZTP card, etc.).

Pilsen card sales outlets

Buy a season fare

After registering, personalizing and verifying your profile at the point of sale, you can buy the season fare yourself from the comfort of your home directly through the application or through the Virtual card e-shop.

Top up your season fare

Download Virtual card

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