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Non-transfer tickets

The non-transfer IDPK ticket is valid for transport on the connection for which it was purchased. It is automatically issued to a passenger who meets the conditions (distance from the boarding to the exit stop is max. 10 km). This ticket is not a zone ticket, ie. traveling across the zones border does not affect the price of the ticket.

It is not possible to purchase this ticket to use to travel within the city of Pilsen (ie it cannot be purchased if the boarding and departure stop is located in Pilsen). The ticket can be used to travel to Pilsen from outer zone (if the conditions stated above are met), but it can‘ t be used to travel on public transport operated by PMDP.

Transfer tickets

The ticket can take the form of:

  • paper tickets with a printed QR code,
  • electronic tickets (bought through mobile app Virtuální karta),
  • electronic tickets uploaded to the Pilsen card (in addition to this ticket, you will be also recieve a printed proof of payment, which you can use to prove yourself, if your Pilsen card cannot be loaded during the transfer, this document does not have a QR code printed on it).

2022 / 10 / 25

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