Tourist in Pilsen

Tourists in Pilsen can use a Tourist Ticket activated on Tourist Pilsen Card to travel on public transportation in Pilsen. The returnable Tourist Pilsen Card is issued against a CZK 100 deposit.

Tourist Pilsen Card can be purchased at PMDP Customer Service Centres and the City of Pilsen Information Centre. You can top up your Tourist Ticket with prepaid tourist fare for 1–17 days or e-money as desired (up to a total of CZK 3,500).
You can buy:

  • Basic fare
  • Reduced fare (children 6 – 15 years and students 15 – 26 years)

You must prove you are entitled to reduced fare when you purchase the Tourist Ticket and when a ticket inspector in the vehicle asks you to present your ticket.

Using a pre-paid fare

If you top up your Tourist Pilsen Card with prepaid fare, you can take any form of public transportation throughout Pilsen (even regional buses and trains) as often as you want.


Basic fare

Reduced fare


58 CZK

29 CZK



118 CZK

59 CZK



162 CZK

81 CZK



208 CZK

104 CZK



246 CZK

123 CZK



280 CZK

140 CZK



310 CZK

155 CZK



336 CZK

168 CZK



358 CZK

179 CZK



374 CZK

187 CZK



396 CZK

198 CZK



412 CZK

206 CZK



424 CZK

212 CZK



438 CZK

219 CZK



448 CZK

224 CZK



460 CZK

230 CZK



470 CZK

235 CZK


Using Tourist Pilsen Card as e-wallet

If you top up your Tourist Pilsen Card with e-money, you have to buy single tickets.

You can travel with Pilsen city transport (ticket bought inside the vehicles of PMDP are transfer tickets for Pilsen city transport only). You can also buy tickets for travelling with regional buses and trains. 

The Tourist Pilsen Card can be returned at any PMDP sales outlet. Rest of the money you still have on your tourist Card will be returned to you at no extra fee. The deposit will also be returned to you if you return Tourist Pilsen Card undamaged.

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