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Švihov Castle

Švihov Castle is the third most visited state monument in the Pilsen Region.

What does Švihov castle offer to visitors?

The Secret of Cinderella's Slipper

Throughout the season of 2019, you will get a chance to see both the castle tours and the brand new exhibition about Cinderella. Czech version of the famous fairytale was shot in 1973 in the castle courtyard and around Švihov. You can admire four floors full of mannequins, reminiscent of key movie scenes, music, movie trailers, replicas of costumes, the original script and etc.

Climb to the top of the castle tower

The highest floor of Švihov castle tower is devoted to the view of its surroundings. You can also lkearn more about  the development of the settlement of Švihov valley from ancient times to the present. 

Armida in love kidnapping Knight Rinald

Another attraction is the newly acquired Armida and Rinaldo tapestry, made in Belgium at the beginning of the 18th century. It depicts a scene from the epic poem Torquat Tassa Liberated Jerusalem, written in the 16th century.

Where can I start the trip?

  • Klatovy - daily 9:17, 10:48, 11:17
  • Plzeň - daily at 7:50, 9:50, 11:50
  • Rokycany - daily 7:29, 9:29, 11:29
  • You can find more departure places and times here


Day or half day trip

Suitable for:    


Trip type:

 Sights   Nature


  • Adults CZK 120
  • Children under 6 years free
  • Children from 6 to 18 years old 80 CZK
  • Students from 15 to 26 years old 80 CZK
  • Seniors over 65 CZK 80
  • Family ticket (max. 2 adults and 3 children) 310 CZK
  • ZTP / P card holders and ZTP / P guides free of charge
  • ZTP card holders under 18 free of charge
  • ZTP card holders over CZK 80

Refreshment available:

Castle Tavern


The trains run from the Švihov station near Klatovy every two hours. Direction:

  • Klatovy 12:32, 14:32 and 16:32,
  • direction Plzeň and Rokycany 13:26, 15:26, 17:26

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